Technology overview

• Streamer has developed a unique technology for lightning protection of distribution and transmission power lines that lies in dissipating the extra energy of the power surge in ambient air.

• The technology has been successfully tested and demonstrated outstanding performance in power grids of numerous utilities all over the world.

• Streamer's research has identified an innovative effect of tremendous technological importance, as it drastically reduces the erosion of the electrodes and allows the LLPD to retain its capacity after the direct lighting strike.

• In order to fully convert the technical potential of this discovery into commercial products, a great deal of additional research is required.

• Efficient optimization will require a more thorough understanding of the physical processes occurring inside LLPD and physical models as well as simulation tools forming.

• Streamer is actively working to improve the technology even further as well as expand its solutions to OHLs with the voltage value of 110kV and above.

• As result, Streamer will be uniquely positioned to become a worldwide leader on the lighting protection market and will get a sustainable competitive advantage vis-à-vis international competitors.

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