1. A unique lightning protection solution for overhead line: Line Lightning Protection Devices with EasyQuench (EQ) technology

The EasyQuench Technology has been invented and patented by Streamer. It is a very cost effective way to protect overhead lines against the effect of lightning (conductor/ insulator breakage, short circuit etc.).

The EasyQuench Technology already has 20 years of experience and more than 1 Million of these LLPDs have been installed worldwide (Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, UAE, Iran, Vietnam).

2. A Complete Range of Fault Passage Indicators (FPI) for Overhead Lines and Underground Cables

The FPI placed on the network are indicating the passage of a fault. In case of a fault the maintenance/operation team can then follow the indications (visual or GSM/GPRS) and locate the source of the fault easily. Thanks to these products our customers are able to reduce drastically the outage's time due to transient and permanent faults. Streamer is the only manufacturer having a complete range with mobile devices, pole mounted or conductor mounted solution.

3. Most efficient solution for moisture removing of the transformers

TRANSEC is an online drying solution for oil insulated Transformer of all sizes.

Regardless the climate, all type of oil insulated Transformer are generating and accumulating moisture within their insulation paper. TRANSEC is installed directly on or close by the Transformer. It pumps the transformer oil continuously through its cylinders and thereby extract the moisture smoothly from the paper.

The indisputable advantage of this solution is the fact that it can be installed, operated and regenerated while the Transformer is running and operational. Due to the robust design and it`s operation principle, TRANSEC is the most cost-efficient drying solution for Transformer!

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