Interview with Henrik Nordborg (Nordborg Henrik)

Interview with Henrik Nordborg (Nordborg Henrik), professor of physics and head of the undergraduate program “Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology” at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

What is the position do you currently hold?

I am currently professor of physics and I am also responsible for the bachelor’s program “renewable energy and environmental technology”

The early milestones of my career were related to science, both the area of superconductivity and arc simulations. There is something uniquely satisfying in understanding and explaining a physical phenomenon for the first time. Currently, I spend more time giving public lectures on climate change and explaining the

When and under what circumstances did you meet Streamer?  Do you conduct any mutual project?

We have carried out two research projects with Streamer international. The purpose of the of the first project was to understand the physical mechanism of impulse quenching and to develop a simulation tool with the ability of simulating both current zero and impulse quenching. In the second project, which builds on the successful outcome of the first one, we have developed an arching chamber which for impulse quenching at high voltages.

What, in your opinion, are the main advantages of Streamer products?

The Streamer lightning protection devices are characterized by a simple and flexible design combined with foolproof operation. This makes them an ideal cost-efficient solution with low maintenance costs in many environments.  


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